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Our Company was founded in the year 1906 under the name Tacchificio Bolognese and it started its activity producing the first heels made of plastic materials.
In 1975, as a consequence of a transformation process, the company Tecnoplastica was established with a company structure composed by its founding owners.
In 1987 it was turned into the joint-stock company named MAC SHOES SRL and a radical reorganization took place both of the company structure and of the range of products, intended for an emerging innovation-oriented market.
From 1998 to date, after moving to a new industrial plant, Mac Shoes Srl has committed itself to the study and the development of new products and technologies meant for the universe of footwear, leather goods and the like, focusing on new producing technologies on the use of innovative materials.
Nowadays, our Company activity stands out, in particular, for the employment of certified, first-quality raw materials, known to be non-toxic and of little impact on the environment.



Machines, Accessories and Components for Footwear

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